10 Unexpected Spring/Summer ’19 Trends

Everything You Need To Know About The Spring/Summer ’19 Trends

Spring/Summer '19 Trends
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Even though the golden hues of autumn light already made their entrance, I could not resist but to make a post on the biggest Spring/Summer ’19 trends.

The Fashion Week season is over and like any other woman who is passionate about fashion and who wants to know everything about the new and upcoming directions, a trends run-through is essential. From silver linings (literally-see the Balmain fashion show) to bold patterns, you will be surprised by some designers’ choices for the next season.

1. Crochet

Nothing evokes more to me the idea of a wild beach than a crochet Altuzarra bag paired with espadrilles and a famous oversized Jacquemus hat. The handmade crochet reminds me of a fisherman’s net filled with fresh fish and hidden Mediterranean treasures. The sole idea of a never ending vacation makes me dive into this trend and follow it deep into the blue lagoon.

 Spring/Summer '19 Trends

source: vogue.com 

 2. Yellow

Even though yellow is not a flattering color for everyone, don’t be afraid to try it out, even if it is just about a single accessory. If you are tanned and wear an entirely yellow outfit, then most certainly you will stand out in a beautiful manner and if you are fair-skinned, then I suggest you wear it with a red lip or with an intricate hair accessory so that you will not feel washed out.

Spring/Summer '19 Trends

source: Rochas.com

3. Suit(ed) for success

It is well known by now that a suit is not only a man’s appropriate attire, but also a must-have piece in a woman’s wardrobe, and so, the Spring/Summer ’19 season makes no exception. Whether you wear a man suit that suggests a more powerful attitude, or a colorful spring toned suit, you have to make sure it is very well tailored as it has to respect your body’s proportions.

Spring/Summer '19 Trends

source: Moschino.com

4. A vision in white

From the delicate lady who admires the crashing waves to the mysterious lady who strolls during the night in the dim street lights, a white outfit will be a key note the next season. If you opt for a classic outfit, then a maxi cotton dress with a pair of espadrilles will never fail you and if you go for a night out, then a silk backless white dress with spaghetti straps and a barely-there pair of sandals will make you look ravishing.

Spring/Summer '19 Trends

source: Off-White.com

5. Puffed shoulders and big bows

We are not out of the ‘80s atmosphere yet, so the puffed shoulders and big bows are still en vogue. If you consider wearing oversized items then you have to keep everything else as minimal as possible. You can check out a more detailed guide on how to master the ’80s trends here.

Spring/Summer '19 Trends

source: Moschino.com

6. Cycling shorts

I know you must have heard by now of this trend, as Instagram is flooded with pictures of influencers wearing biker shorts. However, I was surprised, to say the least, to see that even Chanel ‘hoped on the bike’ with this trend. The Chanel fashion show displayed cycling shorts as the models took a promenade on the golden sand of a fashionable beach. Of course, everything was as chic and sophisticated as every other Chanel fashion show.

The trick when wearing cycling shorts is to pair them with clothing items from apparently different fashion aesthetics. Like for example, try wearing them with an oversized black blazer and a pair of precious sandals.

Spring/Summer '19 Trends

source: harpersbazaar.com

7. Belted

Almost every big fashion designer had one accessory in mind: the belt bag. Besides the fact that it can accentuate your waist in a chic way, it is also very practical to use. I would suggest you wear a rather small belt bag so that it would not add too much volume to your waist.

Also, wide leather belts that lead you to the thought of an equestrian connoisseur are also to be taken into consideration.

Spring/Summer '19 Trends

source: fendi.com

8. Bright  colours

Don’t be afraid to experiment as bold colors are on trend right now, topping the cake with neon cherries. Designers encourage us to wear royal blue, turmeric (bright orange), hot pink and so on.

If you want to maintain a balance, you should wear a contrasting color for your lipstick and to keep the rest of your make-up as natural as possible.Spring/Summer '19 Trends

source: julienmacdonald.com

9. Bold prints

Nothing screams more of a summer party than bold prints and hot starry nights. Whether it is a dress or a headband, you will definitely be stylish if you combine multiple prints and patterns.

Spring/Summer '19 Trends

source: dolcegabbana.com

10. Pink fairytale

Tones of blush pink, flamingo pink and watermelon pink were one of the main focus points, as designers wanted to create a diaphanous aspect. This type of pink awakens the femininity, gentleness and softness with vaporous and ethereal cuts. You can mix it up with a pair of cowboy boots (that are so popular right now) and with a Chloe cross-body bag.

Spring/Summer '19 Trends

Giambattista Valli
source: inspirationlink1s

What is your favorite SS ’19 trend, my little fashion lover? Write me in the comment section down below.

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