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Christmas Outfit Gone Haute Couture

Christmas outfitEven though Christmas represents a moment of compassion, togetherness and love spreading, fashionistas all around the globe must be thinking about their Christmas outfits and how can they be original when everyone seem to be wearing the same dress for Christmas. No matter if you made it to the naughty list or not, you must want to impress Santa with your outfit!

If you ran out of ideas and don’t know where to find your inspiration from, always remember that Santa’s little helper is here for you! So, I thought I’d make a list of my own where I included some fabulous designer outfit inspiration that can be incorporated into your Christmas gear.

Christmas outfit

1. Reinterpreted LBD

Christmas time can be hectic for some of us, as we are busy decorating our homes or wrapping that sparkling bow on the gifts we carefully picked for our loved ones. A little black dress can come in handy, especially when you are in a hurry and you want to play it safe when it comes to your outfit choice. However, you might want to have a little fun and decorate not only your Christmas tree, but also your LBD. This Alexander McQueen dress is the perfect example of it. You can choose to add a luxurious brooch or an intricate detailed belt and a pair of elbow length velvet gloves.

Christmas outfit

2. Christmas decoration

I know a full on silver tinfoil inspired clothing item is not the first option for everyone, but it is Christmas time and we are allowed to play. You can have fun with your look and opt for a daring dress like this Balmain one. If you are afraid this is too much for you, make sure you keep your make-up to a bare minimum.

Christmas outfit

3. Christmas cowboy theme

Cowboy boots were a hit this year and if you are a fan of this street style savvy trend, you can incorporate it in your Christmas outfit also. You can get your inspiration from this Emporio Armani look and wear them in a Christmas inspired color scheme, completing your ensemble with a luxurious tulle gown in order to balance out the cowboy edgy boots.

Christmas outfit

4. All red for Christmas

Red is a classic choice for Christmas and probably the number one go to look each Christmas season. And there is nothing wrong with that! Elie Saab is the perfect designer to get your inspiration from when it comes to Haute Couture craftsmanship.

Christmas outfit

5. Sparkling Christmas suit

Sequins cannot miss from a traditional millennial Christmas scene, whether we are talking about them for decorative purposes or for fashion detailing. If you want to break the pattern of only wearing sequins on your dresses or blouses, a suit is a classic, yet sexy option for the Christmas dinner. This Chanel sparkling suit serves perfectly as an inspiration for you. You can add a bold matte velvety red lipstick and layered pearls necklace for a gleaming image of yourself.

Christmas outfit

6. Christmas fashion religion

Fashion as a religion is a mantra for many passionate and dedicated designers and what better occasion to take this literally than Christmas? You can opt for a garment which incorporates religious elements or some symbolic religious clues. For example, this Dolce&Gabbana outfit has a rich and lavish touch to it, but it can also be taken into consideration as an inspiration for a religious event, whether we are talking about a Christening or about Christmas dinner. You can throw on a faux fur collar and short black leather gloves if you want a more retro look.

Christmas outfit

7. Brocade Christmas

One of the most sumptuous materials is the brocade and, luckily for us, it can be incorporated into your Christmas outfit. The base for your inspiration can be this D&G red suit. However, you can also choose a brocade blouse which has accentuated shoulders or a cloche brocade skirt. Either way, you will have an posh look.

Christmas outfit

8. Luxurious Comfy Christmas

Who said that luxurious can’t be mixed in well with comfortable? Nothing more wrong, missy! This Ellie Saab sweater combines the features of both opulence and coziness. This Christmas, you can wear your favorite bejewelled wool sweater or, if you do not own such a sweater, you can attach on it multiple brooches, thus adding a ritzy vibe to your look.

Christmas outfit

9. Dreaming of a White Christmas

White Christmas can be such a cliché, but if we are all honest here, we do love some clichés for time to time. Purity and angelic energies surrounding us during the Christmas time create the perfect scenery for an all white Christmas outfit. You can wear a matchy-matchy modern white blouse and skirt, like this Roberto Cavalli set or a silk white long dress and a faux fur long coat with slouch boots.

Christmas outfit

10. Plaid Christmas Joy

Plaid is another classic option for Christmas and even though you may also be wearing this trend during the year, you can make it special now and add a few cool accessories to make it special. You can add a big bow on your right shoulder and another big bow on your left hip, or you can let yourself be inspired by this Simone Rocha look and wear multiple little ribbons all over your ensemble.

I hope you found the inspiration you needed to create your perfect Christmas outfit!



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