Hello, my fashion lovers!



I want this to be a letter from me to you, because I want this blog to have a personal vibe to it. I don’t like stiff, cold things.

So…I am Letysse R. and for a very long time now, I wanted to have a personal fashion blog where I could share my thoughts with the world, where everything I love and I am inspired about I will get to share it to you.

What does the name of the blog mean? ‘Erudio’ is the latin translation for ‘cultivate’ or ‘educate’. Fashion Erudio is a blog about fashion, style and beauty. This is a blog where you will discover the hottest trends and how you can wear them without looking like you struggled to do so. I will inspire you with certain pieces that may seem out of style and I will show you how to wear them in a modern manner.

Also, for those of you who enjoy a little bit of reading, (besides the regular fashion posts, of course) I will post on Fridays my interpretation on different fashion quotes that I find relevant.

Ever since I could crawl, I would get inside my grandmother’s wardrobe, grab every single piece of clothing and accessory and mimic whatever she was doing. Later on, I would draw sketches of clothing for my imaginary fashion shows and then I would show them to my family. They were kind enough to indulge me and listen to me.

I said above that I wanted to launch  this blog  ‘for a very long time’ because it was, indeed, a very long time. It wasn’t really a reasonable, rational reason for which I did not open it sooner. Rather it was all about my fears. The fear of failure, rejection, the fear of making mistakes in whatever I may be writing here. I let these fears get the best of me and it was not fair. I am not talking about myself as an entrepeneur, but I am talking about me as an individual with hopes and dreams and expectations. Eventually, it was not fair to my soul. Because I was lost in my own thoughts and fears, I didn’t let myself to fly and I didn’t allow my wings to see the beautiful rays of sun.

However, one day, I got into a pretty bad accident. It was so bad, that I didn’t realise it until the paramedics where shocked that we made it out of there alive. So that is when something clicked inside. Something moved and made big enough waves to be scared not to be riding them. The day before the accident, maybe, I was afraid to live freely, but the day after taught me how it felt to be scared of not getting to live another second. It taught how everything might get lost in an instant. It taught how I should be grateful for my passions and how I should be pretty harsh on myself to not setting them free sooner rather than later.

Anyways, I don’t want to get too emotional here. Maybe for some of you, the reason why I started this blog may be as irational as the reason why I didn’t do it sooner. But for those of you who feel or felt the same as I did, I want this to be a memento of how your passion can come to life. You just have to open your mind and heart to it, listen to yourself and your instinct and never waiting for the perfect time, because it may never be perfect. I don’t want this to be just another fashion blog, but a place where you feel like you want to come back to because it feels like something close to your heart. A place where you can find your inspiration and comfort, but with an edge to it.

I hope I inspired you to have the day that you want to have and I wish for fashion to be the same language that we speak.

Lots of love,

Letysse R.