Spring Colors: 14 Best Shades to Wear

You Will Love to Wear These Spring Colors in 2020

Spring ColorsSpring colors have always had that power of lifting one’s spirits up. Just by wearing the perfect shade of spring pastel dress is enough to make us dream about endless fields of red poppies and cotton-candy fluffy clouds.

As I unraveled the biggest Spring/Summer trends for 2020, it was only natural for me to put on display what are the colors  that we’ll be wearing this season.

This Spring 2020 season makes no exception when it comes to Pantone releasing their color pallet. What’s even more exciting is that every runway made it their mission to add and to complete this spring colors spectrum.

Most importantly, the excitement gets even higher when spring colors are incorporated within fresh, eclectic and luxurious fabrics, design and patterns. It makes us live in a perpetual state-of-art kind of mood.

Flame Scarlet

Spring Colors

Get ready to see all red! Flame Scarlet is one of the boldest shades of the spring colors pallet. Huge fashion houses like Valentino, Rochas and Tom Ford displayed gorgeous spring outfit options around this color.

You’ll definitely make a statement with this fiery shade of red. Whether you’ll wear it as an all red outfit or by just incorporating a tad bit of it into your look, you’ll be turning heads for sure!

Hot pink

spring colors

Even though Pantone did not list it in its spring colors pallet, hot pink was almost omnipresent on catwalks. From linear shapes of tulle to satin and leather, this color is definitely a bold statement for spring. For instance, Jacquemus chose to combine it with shades of tangerine for a splash of energy.

Coral pink

spring colors

The name speaks for itself. It is an ode to pastel spring colors. What makes it so wearable is that it can be styled both during daytime and nighttime. This coral pink shade will transform your outfit into an ethereal and graceful one.


Spring Colors

A vibrant shade of orange that will bring to life any outfit or fabric. You’ll do more justice to this spring color if you”ll showcase a perfect golden tan!


Spring Colors

Saffron is one of the unexpected spring colors of the list, as it evokes more autumnal notes. It is the perfect shade between tangerine and amber yellow. Giambattista Valli and Salli LaPointe are only a few of the fashion giants that proposed this nuance for our spring attires.

Yellow and Chartreuse

Spring Colors

Yellow was another big hit when it comes to spring colors pallet. However, not many people can pull off this color. Even though you may not be a big fan of it, you have to admit that it is vibrant and cheerful.


spring colors

Chive is a earthy tone that reminds us of the importance of connecting to Mother Nature. It could not have been missed from a spring colors proper list. This shade has the power to create a reflective and calm surrounding.

Biscay green

spring colors

There is nothing that evokes more spring/summer vibes than an aquatic shade of green. Out of all of the spring colors, biscay green is the epitome of the vital touch of spring. It can be easily paired with nuances of pink, white and lilac for an airy, dreamy look.

Classic blue

spring colors

In essence, serenity, deep emotions and power in gentleness best describe one of the most seen spring colors this 2020 runaway season. The classic blue color transposes us into a world full on endless possibilities, where we can achieve our true artistic potential. It is a declaration of infinite interior strength.

Mosaic Blue

spring colors

This spring color is perfect for an Instagram picture. The Pantone Institute describes it as being saturated with `mystique, grace and depth of feeling`. In addition, you can pair this color with blush pink or with a lighter shade of pistachio green.

Faded Denim

spring colors

The spring colors pallet would not have been complete without this breezy shade of blue. It goes well with any other bold colors, as it has the ability to soften the look.


Grape compote

spring colors

The perfect mix of amethyst and lilac, grape compote will be a big hit this spring 2020 season. It evokes feminine power while still maintaining a veil of mystery. It is simply delicious!

Lilac purple

spring colors

For Givenchy, Loewe and Jonathan Simkhai it was all about lilac purple. One of the most adorned spring colors, lilac will gently make room into your closet. You can simply not resist this light, soft , dainty shade.


spring colors

What would be the spring colors pallet without the perfect shade of white? For the most part, fashion houses incorporated this color into their runaway shows by using fabrics such as lace, embroidered cotton and satin. In conclusion, white is an eternal perfect option going into late spring days that turn into early summer.

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