Bridal Dress: All of the Haute Couture Brides from PFW

You Will Want To Get Married After Seeing These Gorgeous Dresses

bridal dress
Georges Hobeika

Every Haute Couture season brings numerous feelings and emotions, as we get inspired on the lands of fashion by brilliant designer pieces. Precious stones, pearls, encrusted materials, embellished threads, tulle and laces graced the catwalks of Paris Spring-Summer 2018 Haute Couture Fashion Week.

One of the most eye-catching design of almost every show, was the bridal dress. I decided to present to you those pieces that I believe are the most sophisticated, elegant and ethereal, that will make every woman feel like a real imperial figure. Even if you don’t want to be a princess for your wedding day, you will still find here something to be dreaming about.


Zuhair Murad

bridal dressbridal dress

Even though the theme of this fashion show was a little bit debated, regarding the fact that Mr. Murad wanted to evoke the vibes of ancient tribes, the entire show being framed between teepee tent poles, the detailed gowns and the bridal dress went past this and transported every attendant into a world of wild imagination.

Celia Kritharioti

bridal dressbridal dress

Celia Kritharioti created a very feminine collection, were women are portrayed as goddesses, as she herself is Greek. Perfectly embroidered thigh high boots, figure hugging dresses, envisioning a powerful woman that descended from the skies above to inspire everyone around her, beaded sparkling stones and endless layers of tulle created an unique image of Spring and Summer. If you are looking for a more modern bridal dress, then maybe you should let yourself inspired by these options.

Georges Hobeika

bridal dressbridal dress

Georges Hobeika is well known for his incredibly detailed manually sown precious stones, pearls and crystals, and this Haute Couture season was no exception as we step into another world inspired by Greek goddesses. The luxurious materials and the bridal dress were beautifully complemented by gracious walks of the models, seductive glances and powerful attitudes.

 Ziad Nakad

bridal dressbridal dress

Almost effortlessly stepping on the catwalk floor, the models created a sweet reminder of an ancient fairytale in which princesses are born out of star dust and roses nectar. Ziad Nakad designed a truly realistic, yet magical world for us to dream about.

Elie Saab

haute couture brideshaute couture brides

When I think of Haute Couture, I picture a Elie Saab dress. There is no other designer that would create a more luxurious, majestic and almost surreal show. This Haute Couture season, it was all about the feminine beauty of the 1920’s Parisian women that lived in a almost never ending party, therefore the show was named ‘Paris est une Fête’. Big silk bows, feathers, bejeweled materials and incredibly stunning head accessories. The color palette varied from shy blushing nudes to lavender and striking blacks. You could almost envision yourself in a noisy, crowded, early 20th century decorated room , filled with joyful laughs and crystal glasses of champagne.

Guo Pei

haute couture brides haute couture brides

I know this in not your regular bridal dress, but after all, who would like to be regular on their wedding day, right? The Beijing based couturier translated the idea behind this unique fashion show, as she says that the world we live in is based upon the strength of roots and the delicacy of flowers. It was a lot of gold involved in the artistic process of creating such masterpieces, as the entire decor of the show pictured a hyperbolic interpretation of the Spring and Summer’s glory.

Ralph and Russo

haute couture brideshaute couture brides

There is no need for an introduction when talking about Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, as their success speaks for their brand. The entire show was just as always-a entirely ode dedicated to timeless beauty, elegant lines and forever femininity.

Tony Ward

haute couture brideshaute couture brides

Tony Ward Haute Couture Fashion Show was filled with bejeweled dresses, layers of tulle, silk for queens and beautiful laser cut satin. The designer was inspired my fractals, which are all around us, thus the collection was structured under the theme of seemingly chaotic, yet so organized repetitive patterns.


I hope you got at least as inspired as I did and if you want to see even more designs and fashion news, then follow me on my IG account ( @fashionerudio) and also on Facebook (@fashionerudio).



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