7 Unexpected Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

How many of them can you guess?

Unexpected Spring Summer 2020 Fashion TrendsHello, my lovelies!

As we only have one month left of winter, I thought a quick fashion trends guide would come in handy.

Spring-Summer fashion collections are that one gentle ray of light amongst endless layers of coats, cardigans and cashmere sweaters. Even though a perfectly matched and combined layering might get you out of the winter blues, there is nothing quite as inspiring and fresh as an airy, pastel infused spring outfit. Even if you are a fan of florals for spring, you have to admit that there is a certain tingly, heart warming sensation when you try a new fashion trend.

If you are eager for a brief sneak-peek into this unexpected spring summer 2020 fashion trends guide, all I can tell you is that I was as surprised as you will probably be when you will lay your fashion enthusiastic eyes on the Bermuda Shorts trend. Oh, and believe me, this is not the only twist of this SS20 season.

Unexpected Spring Summer 2020 Fashion TrendsPolka Dots Pattern

Polka-dots are the latest pattern for the Spring-Summer 2020 collections.  Even tough this might not be one of the unexpected spring summer 2020 fashion trends, it definitely was one of the most seen on the catwalks.

You will either love it or just never really wear it.

It is a reminiscence of the 1950’s looks and for those of you who love a touch of glamour, you should definitely incorporate this pattern into your spring-summer looks.

If you want to best capture your curves, buy a slip on spaghetti straps polka dots dress and pair it with open toe Gianvito Rossi mules. For some extra confidence, wear a bold red lip.

Of course, this polka-dot pattern can be worn in a more casual manner: a mini ruffled polka dot skirt, a white cotton t-shirt and a pair of Vans.

Unexpected Spring Summer 2020 Fashion TrendsBra Top Reign

Even though this may not sound like one of the unexpected spring summer 2020 fashion trends, it is definitely worth trying. Bra tops can make or break a look.

For a chic outfit, wear an off-white crochet bra top with high-rise flared pants and a long dust coat.

For a dreamy beach appropriate attire, style it with a medium length embroidered skirt and a pair of wedge espadrille sandals.




Unexpected Spring Summer 2020 Fashion TrendsOut with the old, in with the… same old? 

We all know that spring is that one season that gives us a chance to new beginnings. Whether that new chapter might resume to a splurge on a new pair of Balenciaga knife satin mules, the new Spring-Summer trends are the perfect excuse to revive your closet.

But what if the old is in fact the same new?

Neons, utility wear (especially jumpsuits) and puffy sleeves

Just another gasp of air for these spring 2020 trends that started to catch our attention since last year’s catwalks. Besides, how can one get tired of fashionably comfortable utility jumpsuits?

Unexpected Spring Summer 2020 Fashion TrendsThree-Piece Suits

For sure one of the unexpected spring summer 2020 fashion trends are the three-piece suits.

Vests have come right back in full swing! It seems like they are one of the key elements of the spring-summer 2020 fashion shows. All of the eyes were especially on the MaxMara runaway.

Make it look playful

You can make it look more fun by wearing loose wavy hair and a pair of oxfords.

You can also create a full on character by wearing prescription glasses with a black lacquer cat-eye shaped frame and a tight low bun.

Think of this look as if it is your escape mechanism from the long office hours.

Part chic, part beach ready, part gentleman class.

Unexpected Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

White Embroidery 

Remember those 19th-20th century English romance novels? They usually portrayed a feminine figure wearing white embroidered maxi dresses.

Now, picture it in an adapted 2020 millennial fashion show.

Modern and risqué

Wear this trend by pairing the Broderie Anglaise  with another SS2020 fashion trend – lingerie on display – for a more modern and risqué twist to it.

Posh and elegant

You can make this trend look elegant and posh. How?

Style it with Saint Laurent New Wave Victoire sunglasses, a pearl necklace and short white lace gloves.

Take it to the beach

You can also transform it into a fashionable Summer 2020 beach look. Just wear it with a bathing suit, Channel pearl embroidered black and white mules and a Jacquemus raffia tote.

Unexpected Spring Summer 2020 Fashion TrendsBermuda Shorts

Another unexpected Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trend is the Bermuda Shorts.

Do you want to be the cool kid on the block? A pair of Bermuda shorts might just do the trick for you!

For those hot, almost boiling, summer days at the office, the simple thought of long suit pants can be enough to make you lose your breath. That’s when the Bermuda shorts come to rescue.

This trend is clearly not for everyone, even though big house names such as Tom Ford or Givenchy swear by it. It can make you look shorter and boxier, so it can get trickier to wear. To avoid this, pair them with a Bottega bag, a loose blazer and casual footwear.  Fashion is for those with playful imaginations, so let the urban street style be your playground.

Unexpected Spring Summer 2020 Fashion TrendsSpring Leather Coats

Are you a Matrix fan? If so, I’ve got good news for you! similarly to the three-piece suits, long and medium leather coats are one of the unexpected spring summer 2020 fashion trends.

Who would’ve thought that we could wear leather for spring?

To make it look more suitable for spring, choose a pastel colored leather coat or skirt. Pair it with a crop top or silk blouse for a lighter approach.

This trend is versatile as you can incorporate it into a rock styled look or you can wear it while eating a croissant and wondering on the dreamy streets of Paris.


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