Spring 2018 Fashion Trends Are Here!

Get Ready For A Vibrant Spring

Every designer came up with their most wonderful, gorgeous, elaborate ideas, so that this spring/summer would be phenomenal and full of energy for each of us. And of course, as every fashion week season got us excited, this one was no exception, as the centre pieces of every show came to reveal themselves.

So here are some of those that got my attention and which, certainly, are going to mesmerize your fashion senses with love and obsession.

The 80s get a huge comeback!

We have all had our fair share of the 90s vibe and now it is time to acknowledge the dancing rhythms of the 80s. Get ready for volumized hair, neon bodysuits and high rise socks!

No, just kidding! We are not getting all of these back, but just a nice glimpse of what the most vibrant decade was.

spring 2018
Saint Laurent, S/S 2018

Of course, I chose to show you one of the most over-the-top pièce de résistance of the 80s’ revival, but just look at those lines…they are incredible! However, if you just want to go for a more casual outfit, then a pair of mom jeans, cool Vans and a printed T-shirt or a bodysuit will do the job for you.

Pencil skirts

Balmain S/S 2018

One of the biggest spring trends are the pencil skirts. What it is beautiful about this skirts is that the fabrics can be so different; they can vary from latex, plastic, tweed, cotton, silk and so on. The pencil skirt is always the best option if you are interested in elongating your figure but also accentuating your curves. It is a classy, chic style to be wearing this spring/summer season.

Bold colors

spring 2018
Calvin Klein S/S 2018

There were some pretty bold colors if you ask me, but again, to be honest with you, I kind of adore them. I like that you can play with colors and also speak through them. You can choose this kind of colors if you want to make a statement or you just want to get out of your comfort zone. The playground is yours, my darling!


spring 2018
Versace S/S 2018

When I think of spring, I always seem to envision blossomed cherry trees that perfectly come together with the bleu ciel sky, creating the most gorgeous scenery. A similar painting was the Versace show. One of the greatest themes of the show was the vintage Versace era. It was a true powder pink delight!

White dreams

spring 2018
Zimmerman S/S 2018

Every little dream of Zen and serenity must be looking like this! The lace and the white color really made me think of a peaceful day of summer when I am only disturbed by the naughty sea waves…


spring 2018
Gucci S/S 2018

A strong accessory on almost every fashion show was the belt. Weather it is square, oval or round, it is a handy and stylish item to have in your collection, as it can bring up to light your body figure.

Sparkles and Sequins

spring trends
Halpern S/S 2018

Every woman is special, but how can she be even more radiant? Of course, the answer is: sequins! Even though sequins are so much fun to play with, you must be careful when wearing them. Because of the light that reflects onto them, there is the tendency to oversize the part of the body that is covered by sequins.

Flower patterns

spring trends
Markus Lupfer S/S 2018

What would a true spring be without majestic flowers? Vintage flowers, bold flowers, pastel flowers, you name it, the prints were there to make our spirits dance with joy!

Crazy prints

spring trends
Versace S/S 2018

I know I have already mentioned Versace, but this season, Donatella truly surpassed herself. It was an unbelievable show, filled with ideas that only a free bird has!


spring trends
Marchesa S/S 2018

Between the majestic mountains and the imperial waterfall, there stands the castle of Sleeping Beauty…Actually, it is a real life dream presented to you by the Marchesa Spring/Summer 2018 collection. It was filled with ruffles, tulle, flowers and other wonders.

Off the shoulder dresses

Saint Laurent S/S 2018

These one shoulder dresses may not be everybody’s cup of tea. However, they create a mixture of both, sublime and mystery. It is like you are half princess, half secret agent. The padded shoulders can add a more dramatic look to your outfit, but you can choose to leave the pads out if you want to.

I hope this style guide was useful to you! Talk to you soon!





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