Christmas Dinner Fashion Ideas Style Guide

How To Dress Up For The Christmas Dinner

That wonderful time of the year is finally here again and I can’t help but feel the joy and excitement that comes with it! The cold winter mornings and the hot sips of wild fruits tea create the perfect surrounding for the Christmas time. While you’re being busy decorating your home with the most precious pieces and finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, you may find yourself in the middle of a fashion emergency. What are you going to wear to the Christmas dinner?

This Christmas fashion style guide will offer you plenty of options to choose from, so that your outfit will be as beautiful as the light of the Aurora Borealis in the middle of a winter night.

You are going to shine and make everyone enjoy their Christmas festivities!

christmas dinner fashion ideas

Christmas Dinner Dress

If you have a lot of guests coming over for the Christmas dinner and you now that you will be the designated elf that will do all of the trips from the kitchen to the dinner table and vice versa, you will need to feel comfortable. A long silk dress is the perfect choice for this situation, as it is not only comfortable, but also very stylish and chic. You can add on a sweater with an oversized neck area and a pair of knee high suede boots for that luxurious winter touch.

christmas dinner

Christmas Dinner Suit

If you are going to be a guest for the Christmas dinner, than a stylish fashion choice would be a plaid suit. Make sure the pants and the suit jacket are perfectly tailored and that the color scheme is Christmas related. You can opt for dark green and black or for a deep red and a little touch of golden stitches. For a royal addition to your look, pair the suit with a white Victorian inspired shirt and a brooch.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner Edge

For those of you who want to find your inspiration from Christmas characters, then you can wear a pair of velvet shorts paired with matte colorful tights and a fitted blazer. If you worry that your outfit will look too much like an elf costume, add on a pair of leather ankle platform booties and your problem is solved.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner Glamour

If the Christmas dinner is that one occasion you are looking forward to because you can finally feel glamorous and luxurious, I suggest you wear a mid calf pleated metallic skirt with belle sleeves blouse and a silk encrusted headband. The three topper will have nothing on you, darling!


Hope you found this style guide useful! Which one was your favorite?





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