Style Guide: Valentine’s Day Outfit Options

Valentine's Day

Oh, what would life be like without amour? Without that feeling of complete and utter disregarded self drowning in unrestrained thoughts, emotions and conversations? What would life be like without those private moments of cruising through an uncharted, compassionate, empathetic, authentic universe that two beings share?

Of course, it is said that love should be celebrated every day, but in nowadays hectic lifestyle, between work assignments and home duties, sometimes you may find yourself at a loss of moments in which you actually dedicate your time to celebrating the love you have for your significant other.

Therefore, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect occasion for you to enjoy remembering and talking about the most important thing that you have in common with one another: love!

So, I came up with a list of ideas of what you may want to wear on the Valentine’s Day, whether you will want to stay at home or go to a fancy restaurant, down below you will find the perfect option for yourself!


Valentine's Day Guide

A little black dress is perceived as the ‘safe choice’ for the most of the times, however, a sexy black dress will definitely turn the atmosphere from ‘safe’ to ‘risqué’.

Valentine's Day Guide

For those of you who do not want to wear red on the Valentine’s Day, whether it is because you think it is way too common to wear red on such a day or you just don’t feel like this is your color, then pink is another great choice if you still want to look feminine.

Valentine's Day

There is nothing sexier than a tuxedo dress. Being flirty but ‘business looking’ at the same time, with those body hugging design lines and belle sleeves, this dress you will make you stand out.

Blouse and Skirt

Valentine's Day

I will admit that I don’t always feel like wearing a dress. But there are still a lot of options to replace the feminine and sexy concept of the dress. For example, you can wear a ruffled blouse, like this one, and you can pair it with cigarette pants or with a skirt like the one from the picture below.

Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day

I know that not everyone out there will be spending their Valentine’s Day dancing or eating their dinner at a restaurant. So for those of you that want to celebrate love in the comfort of their homes, than a satiny teddy-bear pajama may just be the right thing to go for.


Valentine's Day Guide

*insert here ‘Partition’ by Beyoncé* Queue the music, please!

*Bonus: For those ‘No V-Day for me, thanks!’ peeps

Valrntine's Day Guide
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