Thanksgiving Fashion Ideas for the Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Fashion Can Also Be All About Comfort…

Thanksgiving fashion

Thanksgiving fashion ideas are definitely what you need to see right now if you have no idea what to wear to the Thanksgiving dinner!

Expressing your thankful thoughts to the Universe, being grateful for what you have or even for what you do not have yet (but looking forward to), is a meaningful moment for every one during this time of the year.

Thanksgiving is about that time when you meet up with your relatives and reminisce about what memories you have together, hardships and accomplishments.


And of course, as you are a true fashionista at heart, you must be thinking ‘What am I going to wear when I see the annoying aunt Carol who thinks I should lose those extra pounds?’


Thanksgiving fashion

#1 Thanksgiving Fashion Idea: Flared Pants

First things first, if you are not in the mood for a dress, than make sure that the pants you wear are comfortable and loose enough. You wouldn’t want to make everyone see were that turkey was deposited after you ate that delicious dinner. So, a comfortable pair of flared pants and a knitted of the shoulder sweater is the perfect combination for you.

Thanksgiving fashion

#2 Thanksgiving Fashion Idea: Flowy Dress

If your weapon of choice is a dress, you might want to wear a Thanksgiving dress that is long and flowy, one that doesn’t accentuate your body lines, unless, of course, you are a Victoria’s Secret model who can eat whatever she pleases without gaining a pound. It’s truly up to your choice.

Thanksgiving fashion

#3 Thanksgiving Fashion Idea: Jumpsuit

Another interesting and stylish Thanksgiving fashion choice can be a ruffle jumpsuit as you can draw the attention to the playful design. You can style it with suede stilettos and minimalist style jewelry.

Thanksgiving fashion

#4 Thanksgiving Fashion Idea: Jeggings

For those of you who just want to feel comfortable while eating your ranched-seasoned roast turkey and cranberry stuffing, a good quality pair of jeggins and a colorful oversized sweater will save the day.

Thanksgiving fashion

#5 Thanksgiving Fashion Idea: Velvet Suit

If you want to be extra stylish and impress your relatives or if you are part of a family that enjoys the Thanksgiving festivities inside a centuries old manor, than I would recommend for you a two-piece deep violet velvet suit paired with a Victorian inspired bow shirt. This Thanksgiving fashion choice will certainly make a statement!

No matter what your Thanksgiving fashion choice will be, the people surrounding you and your life experiences are the most important things to value.

I wish to you safe and happy Thanksgiving celebrations and hopefully you will not end up having a food hangover because of those dinner goodies, dear!




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