Nothing Makes A Woman More Beautiful, Than…

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…The Belief That She Is Beautiful

Hello, my little fashion lovers! It is time for ‘Fashion Quote Friday’ again! I hope you enjoy this category on my blog, just as much as I do.


What is beauty? I am sure this is a well known question to you, but I would like to share my take on this one. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? But what are the standards of that beholder? What are the guiding lines that make him/her believe that someone is beautiful or not? And what is the type of beauty that we are talking about? Is is the one from within or the exterior one? To be honest with you, I believe that there is a more universal pattern regarding the interior beauty, because we all know that a special person is the one who is good, kind, thoughtful, empathic and so on. But regarding that external beauty, this one is examined under a bigger spectre of variables.

For instance, how do you analyze someone’s beauty? Does it matter to you the mouth more? The eyes? The body? So, considering all of this different systems of analyzing a person’s personal features (features which do not, necessarily, depend on himself/herself), why would we want to consider our standards to be the only truth? We do not own any truth regarding this subject. Not to mention that, every decade, had its own beauty standards, which always vary, depending on time, location etc.

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So, returning to where we first started, the truth you should remember about beauty, is that beauty depends upon your own confidence. If you are confident enough and comfortable enough with yourself, then nobody will ever tell you  that you are not beautiful.

If you ever feel down or if you ever feel anything other than beautiful, please remember to read this little poem that I made for you:




‘Look into the mirror and believe:

What you see, they may not perceive;

Your true colors and your dreams

Your dedication and beliefs.

But no matter what they say

Stand up tall and portray

What your face really shows:

Those little sparkles from your eyes

Are made out of morning skies

And those blushing cheeks of yours

 Will warm up the coldest shores.

Don’t forget about your mouth

For it always reveals the truth.

Oh, and those lips of love

That only the purest dove

Will kiss and hold

Until the end of the world.’




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