7 Winter Essentials

Save Yourself This Winter By Having These 7 Items


Oh, the beautiful, sparkling with joy, sunny summer days…Are over! Unless you are one of those people that are crazy happy about snow, colder temperatures and layering, then I know how hard it must be for you to get over the mountains of snow, chills, slippery sidewalks and a red nose.
However, it seems like it would not be fair to look past the beautiful parts of this season. We can enjoy the holidays with our families, we can sing carols, build snowmen and have snowball fights.
If you have these 7 winter essentials ready, then all you have to worry about is how much fun you are going to have this winter. So, let’s get started, my little fashion lovers!

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

winter essentials

Do you remember when you were a little girl and you were told the story of Snow White and how ugly and wrinkled the bad witch was? Well, hopefully, you do not want to end up like that. In order for us to have beautiful, smooth skin and to let our light shine from within, you have to remember this: one word, 10 letters-‘MOISTURISE’.

2. Icy weather, spicy sweater

winter essentials

When the cold wind shows its strength during the ruthless winter, everything I wish for is to get a lot of layers of clothes. However, this truly bothers me, as it gets harder to move having so many on me. Therefore, I think the best solution is a warm, comfortable sweater. Whenever I have it on, I seriously feel like somebody is giving me a hug. Your sweater doesn’t have to be boring in order for it to keep you warm. It can be funky also.

 3. Beanies or hats
winter essentials

If you want to have that celebrity ‘I-didn’t-even-bother-to-look-this-good’ look, then you need to accessories your outfit with a beanie or a hat. It will not only keep your head warm, but it will bring together your entire look. You can vary your style from ‘boho-chic’ to ‘timeless class’.

4. Gloves

winter essentials

Cold hands equals no movement. Honestly, I can not even think when my fingers are frozen, so I can not even imagine going through the following winter without my gloves on. They can compliment your look and you will not feel like a walking snowman. You can go for a classic black leather short or long gloves, depending on what outfit you’re selecting, or you can also pick up some cool Eskimo looking gloves aka mittens.

5. Statement boots

winter essentials

There is no winter without boots and no warm, fuzzy feeling without them also. You can consider a statement pair of boots like an investment, as you will wear them multiple times and still making it look like you didn’t even bother to think about it.

Depending on what occasion you go to, then you might consider your next best friend a pair of over the knee boots or a classic pair of black boots. Either way, you are secured this winter! I recently wrote a blog post where I recommend you my favorite pairs of statement boots and if you want to read it, the links is here.

  6. Cool socks

winter essentials

Socks are an essential piece to add to your winter wardrobe and they can be fun also.

You can choose a funky print or you can be a dazzling princess, either way the winter wonderland is yours!

 7. Statement coats

winter essentials

There is no other thing more important in winter time than a coat. A coat will not only keep you warm, but it can also compliment your figure and create the look of a stylish fashionista.
You can be wearing essentially nothing notable in terms of style and still pulling it off if you wear a statement coat. It can be a black suede aviator belted jacket or a long faux fur colourful coat. The choice belongs to you as you have plenty to pick out.
This season,  the puffer coat is also en trend, and we have to say that we don’t mind it at all. It keeps you away from the frozen wind while adding an edgier aspect to your look. Don’t be afraid to wear them!

Stay safe&warm!



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