Life Isn’t Perfect But Your Outfit Can Be


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Hello, my fashion lovers! I was looking on my Pinterest feed when I came across this fashion related quote and I thought I had to do a post about it. We’ve all had our problems and, sometimes, every little chance we get to distract ourselves, is soothing.

To be honest with you, I’ve always been one to love studying. I enjoy reading and learning about different areas, thus I’m paving my path to a better me.


However, there are times when I don’t do as well as I would like on some exam (mostly, I’m just beating myself for nothing, but that is a completely different story) or, maybe, I’m concerned about something or someone.  And in those times, often I found myself lurking at some window shop or going shopping at my favorite place, just to cool off the boiling sea inside my mind. I wouldn’t always buy something, but even if I was just looking at some clothing item or at some shoe or just imagining an outfit in my mind, then I would forget about any trouble. Of course there are other ways to keep my mind off of things but this is a more relatable one considering this blog theme.

Anyways, returning to our fashion quote here, I think that fashion is, truly, a way to not only distinguish yourself through your look and your sense of style but is also a calming method to smooth things down in your mind and soul. You can use fashion as an escape or you can go so deep inside its magic that you will completely and forever fall in love with it.

Fashion is that friend that you need to express yourself to, the one that speaks for you and the one that you can have a lot of fun with.

FashionerudioOf course, life is challenging and, sometimes, it throws at you heavier weights than you believe you can carry, but as shallow as it may sound, fashion can be your copping mechanism.

Don’t be afraid to express your feelings through fashion; don’t be afraid to wear your fashion heart on your sleeve (just make sure you wear some stylish sleeves, haha!). Even if your outfit is not the most perfect one, even if you know you could have come up with a better looking one but you didn’t have the financial means to do so, please remember that not always the outcome is the most important, but the thought of it.

You can wear a basic shirt with jeans and a leather jacket, put on a bold colored lipstick and shake your fears and troubles away.

Let’s spread love and courage around us!

I wish all of you, a happy, fashionable weekend!

Xo, Letysse!

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