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The Perfect Faux Fur Look

‘Fur, fur, fur’ is all I can think about when that freezing temperatures hit the lands. I want to feel warm, sexy and fun when I choose a coat to wear in winter time, so whenever I get a chance to pick a good fur coat I’m hyped. It makes me feel almost safe to know that I will not have the sensation of cold stinging me through my clothes. Ever since I was little I used to be obsessed with fur because it reminded me of a beautiful princess walking through a white forest covered in snow. It is something so romantic and sensual about fur that absolutely makes me want to know more about how to wear it.

So, here I have some alternatives for you, of course, for different events and occasions, specifying the details of every picture and how to style it.

1. Contrasts

Fancy in fur
Image source: pinterest.com

This coat is special because of its colors; it is the perfect canvas on which the colors can run wild and create unique contrasts. You can either wear it like in this picture, choosing the lighter  or the bolder color and then match it with your outfit or you can go for a more subtle rest of your look.

2. Bear up

Bear up fur
Image source: pinterest.com

Please be honest and tell me you never wanted to be like a bear and cover yourself up to your nose to feel warm? I know I did! Choose a fur with a bigger neck area and wear it with jeans or leather leggings and ankle boots or UGGs and you can eat honey all day 😉

3. Fur vest

Fur vest
Image source: pinterest.com

Fur vests were a really big trend last year and it is still going strong. A fur vest is really versatile as you can use it just on its own if it’s not to cold or you can use it for layering. You can add over it a fur longer coat and you really are saved this winter. You can style it with a long skirt, flared pants or short leather pants and a beanie and you are ready to go.

4. Over the knee high boots

Fur and boots
Image source: pinterest.com

If you want to be sexy and stylish at the same time, then a good idea to opt for is the oversized fur coat and over the knee high boots. Match your boots to the coat for a super put together look or choose a bolder color for either one of these two pieces and you will definitely come across as intriguing.

5. Editorial look

Editorial fur
Image source: pinterest.com

Let’s say you go to Fashion Week and you don’t want to freeze your soul off but still want to maintain a fashionable look, you may want to consider going full Eskimo. Honestly, this would be so cool and fun! Choose a coat with a really big hood, add on mittens or ‘armwarmers’, super cool metallic skier glasses on and a pair of snow boots and ‘sleigh’ on!

6. Princess fur

Princess fur
Image source: pinterest.com

Remember I said something about a princess look? Well, when I see this picture, I honestly think of Cinderella. Wear your fur coat over a long satin dress or over a dress that has a precious look to it, add some pearls, a red lipstick and you can honestly introduce yourself as ‘Her Royal Highness of Snowy Lands of Fashion’.

7. Hat on

Fur and hats
Image source: pinterest.com

There is something really sexy about hats. Maybe it is the fact that sometimes you cover your glance with it or that it offers your face a subtle shadow, but wearing it as an accessory while the center piece of your outfit is a fur coat, will add even more mystery about it! Add leather long gloves and a pair of black mirrored glasses and you will be a secret winter agent.

8. Printed fur coat

Printed fur coat
Image source: pinterest.com

Prints are and always will be something to play around with and a printed fur coat makes no exception. You can wear it with other prints mixed within your outfit or you can just leave the coat as the cherry on top.

9. Printed tights or socks

Printed socks
Image source: pinterest.com

If you own a coat that has a uni color to it and you want to spice it up a little, then you can turn your attention to the accessories you can wear. Style the coat with printed tights or ones that have a message on them, or wear bold printed socks that go up to your knees.

10. Winter pastels

Pastel fur
Image source: pinterest.com

Pastels can make quite a beautiful scenery both in spring and winter. Choose a cold toned pastel to wear in winter to create that icy vibe without looking too cold-hearted. Add a Eastern Europe shepherd inspired hat for a really unique style.

11. Sporty chic

Sporty fur
Image source: pinterest.com

If you want to a chic casual outfit you can choose a fur in a neutral or black color, add a pair of jeans or leather pants and some cool Vans or rocker boots.

12. Snatched waist

Fur with belt
Image source: pinterest.com

We all know the struggle of looking slim while wearing endless layers of clothes. To be honest with you, this is one of the reasons why I don’t really like winter that much. However, you can still show your waist if you choose a lighter material for your fur coat and if you add a belt on your waist. Or if you really are a trend enthusiast, you can put on a fanny pack bag instead of the belt.

13. Pretty in pink

Pink fur
Image source: pinterest.com

Pink is one of my favorite colors and adding it on the fur I’m wearing is definitely a bonus for me. You can have a girly look if you wear white tights and a classic pair of Chanel shoes or you can be an IG baddie and wear it with knee high flat leather grungy boots, a black leather cap and a rock band t-shirt.

14. Fur friends

Fur friends
Image source: pinterest.com

Wearing fur is fun but wearing it with your best friends is even more fun! You can color coordinate or you can wear contrasting colors and make a splash!

15. Naked in fur

Naked in fur
Image source: pinterest.com

No description needed here!

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