All White Winter Wonderland

How To Wear All White This Winter






A little girl once dreamt of a white Christmas. The shy street lights covered the entire city in a light fog bringing a dizzy scent of cinnamon, oranges and pine cones. The music notes from the naughty bells were dancing through the wind, while the joyful snowflakes forever disappeared in her warm heart. And suddenly there was her- the Snow Queen, coming to take it all away in her kingdom of ice, cold-hearted reindeers and awful gifts…

Just kidding …She was actually super cool, wearing ‘Off White’ boots, a bodycon dress and a white faux fur coat. She was in town for the Christmas party, looking for some fun.

Anyways, if you want to look like a baddie in white this winter, here is what you have to wear:





1.Tailored pants





Tailored pants are power pants and with look like this, you can either go for a white angel gaze or for an icy one. The choice is yours.







2. Oversized hoodie




An oversized sweater can always come in handy, especially as it can be styled with a pair of over the knee boots, a skirt or over a long dress.








3. Statement coat





No need to describe how much of a statement piece this coat is, as the lines speak for themselves.








4. White boots are ‘made for walking’






White boots are not for every look, but if you wear them with an all white outfit or if you style them with a minimalist shirt and a pair of jeans you can easily pull the look off.






5. Statement accessories





What would  a winter look be without a knock-out statement accessory? I know, this collar might come across as scary but it could give you a royal look. You can wear it with a mid/long dress or with a white shirt and the winter throne is yours.





6. Minimalist outfit and sparkling shoes






There is nothing a surprising pair of shoes can’t do. Especially if the other part of the look is minimalist. You can wear this sparkling shoes with a wool head-to-toe outfit.





7. Wool everything





Add a wool pant plus a pair of heels and you are ready to woo us all.







8. Skinny jeans





Skinny jeans are good for every season and a white pair of jeans in winter are even better.








9. The dress






Put on a big, white fur and you will be the hot Icy Queen.







10. Leather







I LOVE this pair of pants. They are so fun and sexy because of the leather material. You can either keep the material leitmotiv and wear all leather or you can tone it down with a super oversized wool sweater.






11. White seduction




Every now and then you can make yourself a little lingerie gift; it’s not like Santa would be mad or something *wink wink*







12. Pop of colour




You can wear your all white outfit with this pink pop of color to add some blushy feelings to your look.






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