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A Statement Coat Is A Fashion Investment…

statement coatEvery fashionista knows deep down in her sequined and lace detailed soul that the time for fashion investment has arrived as soon as her nose can feel the cold air of late autumn.

And what better choice could you make during the autumn/winter season than a statement coat, as it is perfect for endless situations?

Maybe you are running late and you have to drop the kids to school, but  you do not have that precious extra time you need to put together an outfit for later errands. Well, here you have the solution. Throw on that statement coat over black high wasted jeans, an oversized wool sweater and you can face any cold morning.

A statement coat will not only salvage you from a tricky situation, but will also make look like you have everything under control, like the fashion commander that you are (even though you will look perfectly chill, as if you didn’t even try to make an effort).

statement coat

1. Teddy Coat

Argh, there is nothing more lovely and exciting than a warm and soft hug during the shivering cold snowflake invasion, am I right? But what if you would be wrapped around in such a hug? The teddy coat is a smart choice is you are not sure what kind of coat to wear as you are torn between elegant and comfy casual. You can pair it with a fitted sweater dress and over the knee high boots for a chic look.

statement coat

2. Puffer jacket

A puffer jacket can make quite a statement if rightfully accessorized. This means that you should not over do it with the accessories and keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible.

statement coat

3. Wool coat

This statement coat should not be missing from a fashionista’s closet, as it is a refined combination between timeless class and minimalist modernity. You can wear it to your office, or just with a casual pair of jeans, a lighter material pullover, a long big knitted cardigan and a pair or Timberlands. This coat can be easily dressed up with a pair of Saint Laurent Teddy Pumps, a classic cut pair of trousers and a white shirt.

statement coat

4. Plaid

Plaid is one of the biggest trends at the moment, and if you are a ‘Mean Girls’ fan, you definitely know what I am talking about. However, if you don’t want to overindulge with this pattern, you can try to incorporate into your outfit, a more subtle version of it, like this coat from the picture. You can wear this statement coat with a Balenciaga long-sleeve draped fuchsia dress, pointed ankle boots and a teeny-tiny Judith Lieber bag. Just imagine this outfit on you while roaming on the streets of gloomy, wintry Paris…

statement coat

5. Faux fur coat

If you want to have your Miranda Prestley moment, while coming out from a limousine, then your number one choice should be a long faux fur coat. Nothing speaks more luxury, refinement and glamour than faux fur. Even if you are not as picky and acid as her, this would be a statement coat for you and a wise investment. You can wear it to your trip to the mountains while enjoying the cone scented infused walks or you can cover yourself with it on your way to your favorite fancy restaurant. It can be dressed down with a pair of Moschino’s moon boots, a beanie and aviator sunglasses.

statement coat

6. Camel coat

A very good transitional coat would be a camel coat. It can be easily worn form the golden leaves kingdom of September to the frosty caramel coated cinnamon days of November and even December.

You can wear it with sneakers and an oversized collar knitted sweater or with a dress and over the knee suede boots.

statement coat

7. Geometric coat

Let me take a wild guess…you and math had a love-hate relationship. So whenever someone whispers anything about geometry, something inside you triggers the fight or flight reflex. But just hear me out: a geometric coat is a savvy option depending on your body type.

If you are very slim, maybe you should stay away from over exaggerated bell sleeves and if you are not at your goal weight yet, than a way too large belt can draw attention to the middle area of your torso and that is not something you should not be looking for.

So, when you play with a geometric coat, remember to add shape in symmetry with the area you wish to balance out. Like for example, if you have wider shoulders, you should play with larger sleeves and a gown inspired coat. Or, if you have larger hips than you would have wanted, a more structured and oversized coat in the neck and shoulders area should perfectly do the job for you.

statement coat

8. Colorful coat

If you do not want to put much thought in your outfit’s color scheme, but you would also want to implement more colors into your look, than a colorful coat should be your go to choice.

For a street style inspired ensemble, wear it with black sweatpants, a black turtleneck and Chloe Rylee ankle boots.





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