Chic Airport Outfit While Feeling Comfy At The Same Time

How To Not Get A Ticket For A Not Stylish Airport Outfit!

We’ve all seen and crushed on at least one celebrity by now and their travel looks seem to be something that they just throw on and still manage to look as perfect as always. ‘How is that even possible?’, you may be thinking…Well, unfortunately we may not have their financial means to wear a head to toe Louis Vuitton x Supreme tracksuit, but we can still have a chic, fresh style without really putting to much of an effort to it.

First of all, you have to think where it is that you are heading to, because you don’t want to wear a dress when going to the North Pole…just saying…But about the travel essentials I will talk in another post here on the blog. Until then, I am going to show how to wear a comfortable outfit while still looking sexy, sharp and stylish.

Put your seat belts on because the Flight 007-Fashion-Erudio is ready to take off!

1. The blazer

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Even if you wear a plain, basic t-shirt, or a t-shirt with a rock band print on it and a pair of black jeans, you can add a little bit of a classy vibe to your airport outfit by putting on a navy blue or black blazer. A good tailored blazer can easily transform your outfit from casual to smart casual in no time. You can wear a white pair of sneakers or heeled ankle  boots and that’s it.

2. The printed kimono or coat

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Wear an all black airport outfit or just a white blouse and jeans and throw on a colorful kimono or coat and you will have the perfect look of classic joy.

3. The tracksuit

white tracksuit airport
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The good old times of Juicy tracksuits is not really en trend anymore (although I have a feeling it may return), however tracksuits in general are still a big thing. You can choose one that’s made out of suede or you can pick a lighter material one. Accessories it with a beanie, a big scarf and a tiny little backpack that carries all of your ‘on flight essentials’ and you are ready to go!

4. The bomber jacket

Bomber jacket
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This trend really got me hyped ever since I discovered I had a whole collection of bomber jackets back from when my mom used to wear them in the 90s. It is a fun, colorful and cool way to brighten up your look while maintaining it casual. You can literally wear it with anything.

5. The oversized sweater

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I honestly never feel more comfortable while being on a flight than when I am wearing a large hoodie or an oversized sweater. It almost calms me down when I wear comfy clothes to the airport (even though I am completely in love with flying). I usually pair the sweater with flat over the knee high boots or just a pair of sneakers, leggings and a denim oversized jacket. Sometimes I add a beanie if I want to feel extra warm on flight.

6. The hat

Hat airport look
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Hats are one of my most adored accessories. I love them because, if correctly chosen, they can transform the entire airport outfit. When I travel, I put on a neutral colored hat and keep the rest of my look either white or black, in that way providing balance.

7. Big scarfs

The scarf
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One of the things I don’t like about traveling is feeling the cold gathering around my neck. So, I always have in the bag that I carry with me on the plane, a big, warm scarf. The colors of the scarf can add the perfect touch to your look (if you wear a uni colored airport outfit) or you can keep it classy and wear just a black or neutral one.

8. White shirt and a statement bag

White shirt
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In my opinion there is nothing classier than a white shirt with big sleeves and a black leather bag. The good news is that you still wear these pieces while traveling. Pair the white shirt with slim fit jeans or black pants, oxford shoes and a long coat.

Captain’s out.



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