The Ugly Christmas Sweater Edition

How To Make It Look Fashionable

ugly Christmas sweaterEvery Christmas there are a few staple items that holidays just can’t go by without. Of course you may be thinking about the glistening Christmas tree, your infamous and savory Christmas recipes, the eggnog and the beautifully wrapped Christmas presents. But how can we forget about that one garment that makes Christmas so playful and hilarious? Can you guess what I am talking about?

If your answer is the ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater, then you, my dear, deserve an extra gift from Santa’s helpers!

If you don’t know what an ugly Christmas sweater is, just imagine a sweater specifically designed to portray any Christmas theme, but decorated in such a way that is so excessive and tacky, that in the end it becomes entertaining and laughable.

ugly Christmas sweater

You don’t even have to buy one! You can make it one of your Christmas traditions to create your own ugly Christmas sweater. Just buy a normal sweater and, for example, create a Christmas tree using green tinsel for the tree, sew in little bells and tassels as tree decorations and so on. You got the picture.

The idea is that the more you add, the merrier and funnier it will be!

If you are a fashionista with a witty sense of humor, who doesn’t take herself too seriously (because let’s face it: nobody likes someone grumpy), than an ugly Christmas sweater may be just the jolly choice for you!

But what should you wear with it?

ugly Christmas sweater

1. Pants

Of course, the most obvious and easiest choice is a pair of pants. You can wear your ugly Christmas sweater with black fitted pants to keep the rest of your outfit more classic, as the upper part is Reindeer Comic Inc. (LOL)

2. Jeans

You can also choose a pair of boot cut jeans, if you want to feel more casual and to still be able to show off your boots. The jeans help out your outfit by adding a dash of normalcy and toning it down a notch.

ugly Christmas sweater

3. Skirt

For skirts, I would recommend a material which brings structure to your look. And this is because you don’t want to create an imbalance, as the sweater is filled with diverse materials and it looks kind of heavy. A cotton skirt would be too light and soft, whereas a leather skirt would be just perfect.

4. Velvet Shorts

Velvet is a pure reminder of the Christmas times, as it is a rich and powerful material. Pairing velvet shorts and matte tights with an ugly Christmas sweater would contour the look of a lovely and jubilant Christmas fashionable elf.

ugly Christmas sweater

No matter what your ugly Christmas sweater may look like, no matter what you will be wearing it with, remember that what’s truly important is how your soul looks like. No amount of decorations and fashion tricks would ever be close enough to a heart of purity, kindness and devotion.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and to always carry with you the light of the Christmas night!




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