Fashion Quote Friday: ‘Life Is A Party, So Dress Like It!’

‘Fashion Quote Friday’ Is Here, My Little Fashion Lovers!


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We all know what Friday means: fun, relaxation and good times. So here I am, mixing the two things I love the most: writing + fashion.

How about you pour yourself a glass of rosé or champagne and celebrate yourself? Just lay back, enjoy your evening and keep on reading!

So, we all know that every day comes with its challenges and sometimes, no matter what we do or try, things are just not right.

And in that moment we need some sparkles in our life to lift us up. As cheesy as this sound, you know it is true. And you know that spark is up to you. Fashion may be that source of flame for you. You can put on a red dress, some high heels and walk in the lights of the big city. You can even order yourself some chocolate soufflé cake if you would like to. And you know what? Add that cherry on top because you deserve it. You deserve everything you have and you deserve everything that is coming towards you.

My point here is that life truly is a party. It is a celebration of events, moments, circumstances and memories. It is a dance of your dreams through the paved walk of roses that surrounds your mind and soul. You can either water this roses to create a beautiful arcade or you can choose to remember it as a pink smoke that once got you drunk on hopes.

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Dressing up for life may be the most responsible thing to do in the end. Because this is not only about a visual concept, but also a metaphorical one. You should know what your expectations and opportunities are and you should create yourself as your most prized possession.

Life is a party and you should be the lead singer, dancer, choreographer and so on. Also, don’t forget about the ‘behind the scenes’ actions because what goes on in you soul is more important than anything else.

Pick yourself up and be a part of your present so you can enjoy your future. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. Everybody forgets the choreography and, sometimes, the remake is even better. And please, don’t forget to smile in the process.

I hope you will come back here with a picture of your dreams!






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