7 Coronavirus Quarantine Activities That Will Entertain You

Be Fabulous and Stay Safe

As quarantine and isolation are in full force due to the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, many of us are stuck at home, not knowing what the near future might have in store for us. And no, unfortunately I am not talking about the Prada store…

This outbreak, which started in late 2019 and turned into a global pandemic, forces many of us to remain inside, safely guarding ourselves and others from a potential infection.

For the introverts out there (also counting myself), this period might not be as different as any other weekend, Staying at home, in the comfort of our minds and souls, reading a book, listening to the rain drops or simply contemplating about one’s life purpose.

However, if you are one of those people who like social gatherings, meeting with friends at the club and dancing your night away, let’s just say that a two-week period isolation might not be all rainbows and butterflies.

You might be thinking `Now what? It’s been almost 7 days inside, I’ve eaten all of my salted caramel ice-cream, binge watched all of my favorite Netflix shows and potentially started a mini fire while trying to cook dinner…`

It is better to be safe than sorry. Even bored and safe. But what if I told you that you could actually entertain yourself in the process?

Here’s a list of activities I like to do while at home. Some of them are more active, while some are introspective.


I don’t know about you, but for me the idea of a classic diary seems a bit too old and dated. However, it is not every day that almost the entire world population is stuck at home due to a life threatening virus. Document your days, your moods, your thoughts and activities. Who knows? Maybe in 20 years from now, your kids or grandkids will want to know first-hand how was it like during this time and you will be able to give them the answers they expect. It might be an interesting walk down the memory lane for you too.



Quarantine and isolation can get bitter. Wouldn’t you want to sweeten your day in some fun way? Cooking a yummy dessert once every two or three days sounds fun to me!

Maybe you’re already  an experienced chef or maybe you’re just testing the waters. Either way, mixing different flavors, colors and toppings for your dish will definitely brighten up your day and lift up your mood.

Just make sure you also take great care about what you eat the rest of the day, as it is highly important to eat nutritious, qualitative food that will help your immune system.


Having precious extra time on your hands during this quarantine is a gift. Try to exploit it the way you know will bring additional value to your life’s experiences. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write poems, a book or start a YouTube channel. Invest this time into your hobbies and release the creative energy you’ve always known you posses. Free it and let it free you!



quarantine4. PAMPER YOUR SKIN

During the quarantine or the isolation period, it is important to create a relaxing environment. Just for a brief moment, forget about whatever is concerning you. Having a stress-free routine right now can actually boost your immune system. You can listen to a spa playlist or a mindfulness podcast while taking a long, warm bath. Use your favorite bath bomb, gently exfoliate your skin and let your thoughts walk peacefully. Hydrate your skin by using an intense hydration mask and refresh yourself with a rose facial spray.




Quarantine might be the perfect timing for us to learn something new.

Studies have shown that learning a second language could protect our brains against Alzheimer’s.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Portuguese, Chinese or Arabic. Maybe it will bring extra points to your résumé or just boost your confidence while traveling.

If learning a new language won’t do the trick for you, then try taking coding classes, as this working field generates ever-growing job offers. You never know where an online class might take you.

You could also start taking some cooking lessons or dancing lessons. No matter what the scope behind you learning a new set of skills is, it will surely keep you entertained while quarantined.


Who said you have to stay in your PJ’s for the entire quarantine period?

You can still feel and look fabulous even if you are stuck at home. Now is the time to exercise that perfect winged eyeliner. Style your hair and put some make-up on. Wear a pair of falsies and the perfect shade of Scarlet red lipstick. Throw on a silk spaghetti strap night gown and a matching long robe.

For an extra touch of dazzle and attitude, wear your healed puff sleepers and pour yourself an olive Martini.


quarantine7. STAY FIT AND ACTIVE

Not going to lie: staying in the comfort of your bed while watching your favorite Netflix show might feel like Paradise for a couple of days. However, as good as this might be feeling, it shouldn’t go on indefinitely. It is best for your body to keep on moving and you can still do this even if you are self isolating. Bring out your yoga mat and do those exercises. You can try doing yoga, Pilates or some cardio exercises.

And don’t forget to drink your water. Not only your skin needs it, but your organs’ proper functioning literally depends on it. Now that you have some time to spare, try some fun new mixes. You can infuse your water with strawberries, watermelon, cucumber, lime and so on and so forth. Just get creative and learn what you like!

Stay safe and never forget to be empathic towards one another!

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