Style Trend: The Puffer Jacket

Ultimate Fashion Guide: 10 Ways To Wear The Puffer Jacket


1. Track pants

The puffer jacket
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I will be honest and admit that sometimes I just don’t want to dress super fancy or be extra glam. So I choose a good pair of track pants and I style them in various ways. One of the way is to throw on a really big puffer jacket and put on a pair of snickers and a beanie and you will have that grungy look or you can add a pair of fancy shoes and you are ready for an editorial shooting.

2. Layering

layering puffer jacket
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Even if you don’t like the colder seasons, like autumn or winter, you have to admit that you can be at least satisfied with the possibility of layering. It is a fun, creative process and it also keeps you warm.

3. Long skirt

long skirt and puffer jacket
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I know it may be counterintuitive to wear a long skirt with a puffer jacket, but the whole idea of this visual is that your body will be elongated because of the skirt length in contrasting the volumized upper area.

4. The metallic puffer

metallic puffer jacket
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Winter time can be boring and grey tones may dominate the view but not if you decide to shine everyone moods by wearing a metallic puffer jacket. You can wear it off the shoulders revealing a dress underneath or with a wool ensemble of pants and sweater.

5. Mixing prints

Printed puffer jacket

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Find a puffer jacket that has an intricate print or one that has a quote that you like and then you can wear it with a minimalist T-shirt and pants or you can style it with a skirt that has an artistic pattern. When wearing prints is important to combine them in a way they don’t rule out each other.

6. The army puffer

Military puffer jacket

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Did you ever wanted to be a chameleon and change your color. Well, you can’t exactly do that, but you can camouflage pretty well by wearing an army print puffer jacket. You can also put on a pair of army pants, heeled ankle booties and a cap for a full military fashion look.

7. Contrasting puffer

Contrasting color puffer jacket

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If you want to make a bold statement (besides the fact that you are already wearing a puffer jacket), then you can choose a jacket that displays contrasting colors either to itself or to your look’s color scheme.

8. Re(a)d(y) for Christmas

Red puffer jacket for Christmas
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Christmas is that time of the year when you can wear as much red as you want and nobody to be allowed to judge you for it. And a red puffer jacket makes no exception. You can gear up and put one on and you are ready to build that snowman.

9. Shoe matching

Ouffer jacket matching shoes
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Matching your outfit to your shoe may sometimes be to much but, in this case, matching your puffer jacket to your boots or shoes gives the exact needed touch of elegance to your look.

10. The Rihanna look

Rihanna puffer jacket

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Everyone is obsessed with Rihanna because she is not afraid to mix and match or to play with different styles. So if you want a source of inspiration for styling your puffer jacket, then you should take a look at how she wears it. She either goes full glam and matches it with her shoes or she rocks on a grungy pair of rocker boots and a black jacket. Either way, it’s a win.





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